T-Shirt Design Challenge

T-Shirt Design Contest

Show off your Team Pride by creating uniforms for your company!
Submit a photo, or image, of your company t-shirt design to… dtremaglio@hermescleveland.com
…And the image will be uploaded to this page to be voted on by the entire Cleveland Corporate Challenge community!



T-Shirt Design Challenge voting will take place during the first month of the Challenge:
June 1 – June 30

How to Enter:

Submit a photo or image of your company T-Shirt design to…
…And the photo will be uploaded to this page within 24 hours of submission.


Voting will take place June 1 – June 30.
On June 1, an online poll will be uploaded to this website.
Winner will be announced on July 1st, and will receive a unique trophy at the Closing/Awards Party!