Airgas Tug of War

Team Captains MUST turn in their completed waiver form by Friday, July 28th @ 12:00pm!

Brackets for the Tug-of-War Tournament will be created on-site

Completed Tug-of-War Brackets:

Division 1Division 2Division 3Division 4Division 5Division 6

Proud Sponsor of the 2017 Cleveland Corporate Challenge Tug-of-War Tournament


Saturday, July 29, 2017 (Morning Session)
Captains Meeting 10:30am
Divisions 4 –
Divisions 5 11:00am
Divisions 6 11:00am

Saturday, July 29, 2017 (Afternoon Session)
Captains Meeting 1:30pm
Divisions 1 – 2:00pm
Divisions 2 2:00pm
Divisions 3 2:00pm


Edgewater Park
6500 Cleveland Memorial Shoreway
Cleveland, OH 44102

The tugmeister will be there early to provide pointers and practice opportunities for teams who wish to participate.

Tug Clinic: 

Date: Tuesday, July 25 @ 6:00pm
Location: Edgewater Park (Address Above)

Email to RSVP your team for the Tug Clinic.



Double Elimination

Ten (10) Players Per Team (5 Male & 5 Females)


1. The rope will be 2 inches in diameter, 150 feet long and made of hemp. It will be marked with red, blue, and white tape.

2. All tugs will be conducted on a natural grass surface.

3. No electric sound systems, horns, whistles, etc. may be used in encouraging teams. This means anything other than the human voice is not permitted.

4. Long-sleeved shirts must be worn by all participants. Gloves and belts are optional.

5. Boots may be worn including combat, hiking, or other types with vibram soles. No spikes, cleats, studs, hobnails, or other metal fittings will be permitted. This includes soccer or football shoes with rubber cleats. If there is a question on allowable footwear, check with the Tug of War officials before the event. Tug of War officials reserve the right to disallow participation if unsafe conditions are deemed to exist.

6. No sticky substances may be used on hands or gloves.

7. Each team is allowed 19 players on their roster, 1 of which is the cadence caller. Only 10 players will tug at one time, 5 males and 5 females. Once an alternate replaces a participant, that participant may not re-enter the competition. A minimum of 8 players can tug (4 males / 4 females)

8. Teams will be lined up so that the rope will be pulled on the right side (under the participants’ right arms). The anchor (the last person) will be permitted to tie in, and is the only member who can touch the ground with only his hands. No other team member is permitted to sit on the ground for more than five seconds, this includes the anchor.

9. Males and females will be alternated in positions on the rope.

10. One coach per team will be permitted on the line to assist with organization. It will be the coach’s responsibility to notify the official that the team is ready to tug.

11. The tug will be started on the command of the official. The team that pulls the rope 12 feet from the center will be declared the winner. A whistle or horn will signal the end of the tug.

12. There will be a 90-second time limit on each tug.

13. All tugs will be timed. These times will be considered in the final result tabulation.

14. Prior to the beginning of the pull, no participant may “dig-in” to the ground.

15. This will be a double-elimination tournament. Each team will continue tugging until the team records two losses.

16. A minimum of 5 minutes rest between tugs will be permitted.

After your first two rounds, game times are subjected to change. If not present at the start of your game, your game will be forfeited!

Cleveland Corporate Challenge staff members and officials reserve the right to settle any disputes, as well as interpret, modify, and enforce all tug-of-war rules and regulations.