3v3 Basketball (Indy Only)


Deadline for Independent Entries: Wednesday, June 14, 2017

(Brackets to be posted HERE when available)


Tuesday, June 27, 2017 – Tournament begins at 6:00pm
Independent A

Wednesday, June 28, 2017 – Tournament begins at 6:00pm
Independent B


Force-Sports Eastlake
34650 Melinz Pkwy
Eastlake, Ohio 44095


Double Elimination

Three (3) Players Per Team (1 male & 2 females or 2 males & 1 female)

RULES: *New Foul Rules

  1. A 30 minute time limits will be enforced for each game played. If the game is tied after time limit, the next point scored will win the game.
  2. This is a double elimination tournament.
  3. A coin toss / “rock-paper-scissors” determines the first possession.
  4. Games will be to 13 points, win by two with a 17 point cap.
  5. A successful basket from behind the “3 point line” is worth 2 points. The “take back” line is outside of the 2 pt. line above the foul line. Both of the shooter’s feet must be clearly behind the line.
  6. After a score, the ball must change possession, be taken out beyond the 2-point line and above the foul line, and be “checked” by the defense before play begins.
  7. The ball must be taken back on every change of possession. Failure to take the ball back will result in a loss of possession.
  8. After all fouls or out of bounds occurrences, the ball will be taken out at the “take back” line.
  9. After a score, foul, or out of bounds, the ball must be passed from the person taking it out, to one of his/her other team members, to begin play again.
  10. No dunking allowed. Observed dunking on any basket at any time may result in dismissal from the tournament.
  11. Each team is allowed ONE 45 second time-out.
  12. No stalling allowed. An unwritten 30-second shot clock is in effect at all times, and may be enforced by the official. Failure to attempt a shot and hit the rim within 30 seconds, after being advised by the official will result in the loss of possession.
  13. Jump balls go to the defense.
  14. The monitor will count and record all team fouls on the score sheet.
    FIRST 6 TEAM FOULS: Any foul, shooting or non-shooting, will result the fouled player receiving possession of the ball, restart play with a “check”.
    TEAM FOULS AFTER 6: Any foul, shooting or non-shooting, will result in one (1) free throw, and possession of the ball, restart play with a “check”.
  15. Flagrant fouls or continuous misconduct may result in an immediate ejection. If the monitor or official rules a flagrant foul, the player fouled will shoot one free throw and retain possession. Two flagrant fouls will result in an automatic ejection. Anyone involved in fighting, for any reason, will be ejected.
  16. There must be one person of each sex on the court at all times.
  17. All games will have a certified official.
  18. 3 second rules applies

After your first two rounds, game times are subjected to change. If not present at the start of your game, your game will be forfeited!

Cleveland Corporate Challenge staff members and officials reserve the right to settle any disputes, as well as interpret, modify, and enforce all basketball rules and regulations.