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The Cleveland Corporate Challenge is a corporate athletic competition promoting employee wellness, company camaraderie, and business networking while helping local charities. Our events foster a team-building atmosphere that is sure to bring employees closer together, while improving their overall well-being. This is a great way to not only discover and network with local companies, but to also to learn WHO they are.

Compete for personalized prizes and awards, and designate your team charity to compete for a donation to be made on your behalf! It's time to Get Outta the Office and Into the Games, and start making memories the office will be sure to appreciate.


The Cleveland Corporate Challenge is open to organizations of all sizes and industries. Companies participate by sending a team of employees to each event to compete in the tournament.

  • Minimum age is 18
  • Company teams are made up of the EMPLOYEES of the organization
  • Employee is defined as full time, part time, temp, or intern
  • Please Note: Players may represent ONE TEAM ONLY on any given event day.
  • Spousal Approval Rule:
    • Companies are encouraged to comprise their teams of employees to maintain the integrity of corporate wellness and a team building atmosphere.
    • Should your captain struggle to find players, spouses and significant others of employees are eligible to compete on your behalf. (Husbands, wives, boyfriends, girlfriends, ONLY)
  • Corporate CupEntry for one team in all Corporate Cup events.
    • By entering your company into the Corporate Cup, you are entering one team into each of the events offered in the Corporate Cup Schedule. These teams will compete in an assigned division, based on company size, and will receive a point value based on their performance in each event. These point totals will be kept on the SCOREBOARD, throughout the season.
  • Independent Division– Participation in select events.
    • By entering your company into the Independent Division, you are entering one (1) team into the specific event selected. This team will compete in a division separate from the Corporate Cup teams, but will compete in the same format and style of event. Independent Teams are for companies who would like to place additional teams in a specific event with high demand, OR, for companies who would only like to participate in one, or a few, of the events. Independent Teams may be purchased along with the Corporate Cup, but DO NOT earn points toward your Corporate Cup total.

For those participating in the CORPORATE CUP, 16 team divisions will be determined by company size by number of employees. Final division placement of the company is at the Cleveland Corporate Challenge Directors discretion. Your company will be informed of what division it will be in when you registration is processed. Any questions please contact Dominic Tremaglio at DTremaglio@hermescleveland.com.

Division breakdown estimates are as follows:

Division 1 ~0-100 employees
Division 2 ~100-200 employees
Division 3 ~200-300 employees
Division 4 ~300-600 employees
Division 5 ~600-1500 employees
Division 6 ~1500+ employees
Independent Division Company Size N/A, Division will consist of all teams who registered an Independent Team.

Corporate Cup (participation in all events)

  • Corporate Cup Early Registration Fee (by April 15, 2020): $1900
  • Corporate Cup Late Registration Fee (April 15 - May 15, 2020): $2100
  • Registration Deadline for the Corporate Cup: May 15, 2020

Independent or Additional Teams – please see event pages or official entry form for fees.

Checks to be made payable to: Hermes Sports & Events.


The rate to participate in the Cleveland Corporate Challenge, Corporate Cup Division, is a one-time fee and includes participation in the Captains Meeting, Closing Party, & 1 team in all Corporate Cup events. The registration fee is not refundable. (If there is an event you cannot field a team in, it will not adversely affect you other than the loss of a participation point for the event.)

When an event is cancelled due to weather conditions or unseen/unavoidable situations, the Cleveland Corporate Challenge will try and reschedule those events at the same location at a later date within the time frame of the Cleveland Corporate Challenge dates, subjected to venue availability. If the scheduled field locations is not available for future dates, then the Cleveland Corporate Challenge will attempt to secure other venues. If the events cannot be rescheduled because of inclement weather and/or venue availability, those events will not be rescheduled.


The Company Coordinator is the main link between the participating company, and the Corporate Challenge Office. This person is responsible for completing the registration for their company to participate in the Corporate Challenge season.

Here are some responsibilities of the Company Coordinator:

  • Gauge Company Interest
    • Each event requires a certain number of players to field a team. By gauging the interest of employees at your company, you can then use this information to register for the correct events. (The largest team size is 10)
  • Select Team Captains
    • Selecting a captain for each team that you have registered will help you to spread the responsibility around. The Team Captain responsibilities are listed on the next slide.
  • Schedule a JumpStart Meeting!
    • Need help gathering interest or sharing information? Schedule a JumpStart Meeting and bring the Corporate Challenge team to your office! We'll work with you to create a custom meeting dedicated to getting your company ready for the upcoming Corporate Challenge season! Click HERE to submit a request!
  • Spread the word!

  • Recruits team members.
  • Prepares the team to play.
  • Secures practice times.
  • Coordinates practices with individual work schedules.
  • Assures that the team is on time for each game.
  • Checks in at the check-in table the day of the event.
  • Ensures waiver is signed by all participants before the start of the event.

Points will be awarded to those teams entering the Corporate Cup and not for Independent or Additional teams.

Independent and Additional teams are eligible for awards issued for the individual events only.

Scoring System

Mini Golf, Pop-A-Shot, Skeeball, 10K Relay, Bowling, Obstacle Course & Footgolf (Non-Elimination Events)

1st place – 10 points
2nd place – 8 points
3rd place – 6 points
4th place – 4 points
5th place – 3 points
6th place – 2 points
1 for participation

Cornhole, Kickball, Sand Volleyball, Softball, & Tug of War (Double Elimination Events)

1st place – 10 points
2nd place – 8 points
3rd place – 6 points
4th place – 4 points

If you win only 2 games and don’t place – 3 points
If you win only 1 game – 2 points
If you don’t win a game – 1 point
A forfeit is counted as a win.


Any company can enter an individual team in the Independent Division.
Corporate Cup teams may add additional company teams in the independent division.
Your team will be placed in a division of Independent teams only.

These sports will be contested on the same dates of competition as listed in the entry material. Teams will be grouped together into a division of all independent teams. Independent teams are limited, as soon as all spots are filled we will sell out.

Independent Refund
If there are five (5), or less, teams that are scheduled to play any Independent event, the event will be cancelled and the teams will be issued a refund. If there are six (6), or more, teams that are scheduled for the independent division, teams will be consulted about continued participation in the event.

Tug of War
There is NO independent division for this event.


Corporate Cup

  • Top 3 Teams in each EVENT earn a commemorative plaque award!
  • Top 3 Teams in each DIVISION at the end of the season, earn an engraved cup-style trophy & donation to be made to the charity of their choice, on their behalf!

Independent Division

  • Top 3 Teams in each EVENT earn a commemorative plaque award!

Each company entering the Corporate Cup Division will be able to pick the charity of their choice to compete for. The TOP 3 teams in each division at the end of the season,  will have a donation made in their name to the charity of their choosing!

Click here to see the list of charities benefiting from the Corporate Challenge!