Final Event Day Volunteer (July 27)

Please arrive 15 minutes before your shift to check-in with Corporate Challenge Staff and receive instruction on your job.

Upon arrival for each event, all participants will stop by the Check-In Station to sign the Participant Waiver for their Team/Event.

Aid Station
Stationed at the 10K Relay exchange zone, stage and disperse post-race refreshments.

Obstacle Course Assistant
Assist the Obstacle Course staff with resetting obstacles prior to each run.

Tug-of-War Score Runner
Assist Corporate Challenge staff by running scorecards between the Tug Field and the Main Stage to ensure accurate results are recorded.

Tug-of-War Assistant
Prior to each Tug, assist the anchor in getting tied in. Proper technique is simple and will be instructed day-of.

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Check-In (8:00 - 12:30p)#1: Ciara S.
#2: Joanne D.
#3: David E.
#4: Leah W.
#5: Shawn J.
#6: Zachary C.
#7: Lauren D.
Aid Station (8:30 - 11:00a)#1: Matthew P.
#2: Dana L.
Obstacle Course Assistant (10:30a - 2:30p)#1: Shawn J.
#2: Barry M.
#3: Janette K.
#4: Beth H.
#5: Lily P.
Tug-of-War Score Runner (10:30a - 2:30p)#1: Cody S.
#2: diane p.
Tug-of-War Assistant (10:30a - 2:30p)#1: Shawn J.
#2: Dawn T.