Pickleball Volunteer (July 13, 14)

Please arrive 15 minutes before your shift to check-in with Corporate Challenge Staff and receive instruction on your job.

Upon arrival for each event, all participants will stop by the Check-In Station to sign the Participant Waiver for their Team/Event.

Bracket Manager
You will be assigned 1 Bracket to update as the tournament progresses. Advance or drop teams in the bracket based on the result of each match, and assist informing teams of their next match details.

Court Monitor
You will be assigned 2 Courts to oversee. Assist players in communicating rules, format and match progression to promote pace of play.


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July 13 - Check-In (1:30p - 4:00p)#1: Nena V.
#2: kay N.
July 13 - Bracket Manager (1:30 - 4:00p)#1: Janet S.
#2: Peggy W.
#3: Mike L.
July 13 - Court Monitor (1:30p - 4:00p)#1: Alicia A.
#2: Sherry G.
#3: Ben F.
#4: Katie T.
July 14 - Check-In (1:30p - 4:00p)#1: Nena v.
#2: Kay N.
#3: Joy F.
July 14 - Bracket Manager (1:30p - 4:00p)#1: Ashley M.
#2: Kathy D.
#3: Aimee L.
July 14 - Court Monitor (1:30p - 4:00p)#1: Rachele H.
#2: Bradley C.
#3: Dana H.
#4: Mallorey S.